Our Patch Pals' team was determined to develop a new line of eye patches that would fit all ages with or without eyeglasses.  We have never really liked the "pirate" style eye patch.  The strap always seems to fit awkwardly over the brow and then angled uncomfortably around the head.  We did not want to make another version of the pirate patch.  One day we discussed the fact that goggles, which are traditionally worn by swimmers, are now showing up on basketball courts, soccer fields and as safety glasses in construction zones.  So we "borrowed" the design of the goggle and created a new sleek athletic eye patch.  The adjustable straps lay on the ears and around the head and the eye patch fits comfortably on the eyebrows for a perfect fit.  We have a variety of colors and embroidered designs.  We have also made them available for adults, children, and babies.   They can be worn by people who wear glasses and most importantly by people who do not wear eyeglasses.   We are very excited about our new design,  EyePatch + Goggles = Poggles.   So we are proud to introduce to you all our new Poggle, the modern eyepatch.  

We can add an iron on image of your favorite character for free.  Just let us know which character you would when ordering.

Eye Patches by Patch Pals

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