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Activities To Do While Patching

Easter Painting Fun! Click for details.

Easter Egg Snack Time.  Click for directions.

Felt egg matching game.  Click the photo for instructions.

Liquid watercolor eggs to make for Easter.  Click photo for details.

Click the links to find FREE Super Hero downloads.

Click links to get smarter while eye patching!

Make a necklace making bin.  Click photo for directions.

Take gallon milk caps and glue foam cutouts to make new stampers that can be used for hours.  Click the picture for details!

Play with ice. Babies are enthralled with different textures and temperatures.  Click for details.

Taylar recommends playing with a peg puzzle while eye patching.

Sort colored Pom Poms into cupcake tin.  Click photo for more details.

Argh, Patching Makes My Eye Strong" Click links for fun pirate play.

A fun way to let your toddler decorate Easter eggs.  Click for instructions.

Drop vinegar tinted with food coloring onto a pan filled with baking soda. Sheer minutes of colorful fizzy fun!"  Click photo for website with details.

Pouring colored glue into cookie cutters to make sun catchers!  Click the photo for details.

Use clear glue and food coloring to make SLIME.  Click photo for details!

  Only a few are lucky enough to become a Patch Princess.