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Captain Jax And His Fight For Sight
Captain Jax

"To me, a superhero is a person who is greatly admired because of their bravery and strength. They have the special powers it takes to help others who find themselves in scary or unfamiliar situations, overcome the adversity that they face. Children and adults alike look up to them and aspire to have the bravery and strength that they do. This is why I created Captain Jax, because Jax is my superhero. Captain Jax doesn’t know it yet, but he has already impressed many with his bravery and strength. As he grows and faces more and more obstacles, Captain Jax has the potential to help inspire and teach other children and families to have the strength and bravery that it takes to get through the tough times. This may include surgery, patching, eye drops or hearing any news that you may have feared hearing. Support and encouragement is a crucial part to overcoming any adversity and we hope Captain Jax can provide these things, in one way or another, to anyone who needs it."

- Alyssa Hallman (Jaxon's mom)