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We love sharing photos of our eye patchers on social media.  The shared photo gives recognition to the eye patcher and encourages other little ones to wear their eye patch.  Send us your photo and receive a 20% discount code to use on your next Patch Pals order.

Happy Patcher Posts

Friday, June 25 2021
Favorite Team

This sports loving eye patcher asked us to make an iron on image of his favorite team logo and add it to his eye patch.  We think it turned out great.  Now he can support his team with a custom eye patch!  Make eye patching fun!!

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Thursday, June 24 2021
Batman Baby

This little one is so adorable in our baby sized red Cotton Eye Patch with a Batman iron on image.  What is it about a baby in glasses that tugs at your heartstrings?  So sweet!

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Wednesday, June 23 2021

Brennen is ready to tackle his eye patching therapy wearing a Turtle Poggle.  Eye patching is difficult, so making it fun by pretending to be a ninja can be motivating to this smiling 2 year old.

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Tuesday, June 22 2021
Sparkling Smile

There is nothing more uplifting than seeing a photo of one of our eye patchers flashing a sparkling smile.  She looks so happy with her Frozen Sisters on her Sparkle Purple Eyeglass Eye Patch. Helping little ones through the eye patching process is our goal.  

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Saturday, May 15 2021
Yay Beckett!

"One week post op, and he's doing well.  Beckett seems (a little) happier over the past two days, and he willingly finished his patch time this morning before we headed out the door for school.  Patch time is a huge source of stress at our house, so when he put on his patch first thing this morning without a single argument it honestly brought tears to my eyes.  Thanks to everyone who has prayed for our little guy for the past week (and the past four years) ...we are so grateful for all the love and support."

-Beckett's Mom

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Tuesday, May 11 2021
Inside Out

This little guy chose the characters from Inside Out to put on this Pocket Patch.  We love his smile and that he is happy while wearing his eye patch. Keep up the good work.

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Friday, May 07 2021
Princess Sophia

Patch Pals has the option to add an iron on image to your child's eye patch.  It's so much fun to see what character each child picks out.  We feel this sweet girl nailed her choice by picking Princess Sophia.  She is definitely twinning with her character.  Keep up the good work Princess!

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Wednesday, May 05 2021
Day 1

"Day 1 of successful eye patching. Thanks to this Facebook group (For Little Eyes - a group for parents of young kids in glasses), we discovered Patch Pals  and are feeling so much better about this journey!" - J. Anderson

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Thursday, April 29 2021
Patching Adventure

"I just want to say thank you so much for such amazing patches. At about out 7 months old our daughter got diagnosed with some form of esotropia and the specialist wanted us to patch her eye until surgery. So I went straight to Amazon to look for the band aid patches, as that is what I had seen in the past and what the specialist recommended. I had even bought ones made for infants and were supposed to be sensitive, and well Let’s just say they were a pain in the butt and she would tear them off constantly and they would leave red marks around her eye for the next hour or so. When it finally came for her first surgery the Dr. realized she was allergic to adhesive. So then at her next follow up we learned the surgery wasn’t a complete success and we would need another surgery, and in the meantime we would have to patch again. Trying to patch again was an even worse nightmare this time around, and so I finally turned to google to find tips on better methods on how to patch my infant. I didn’t find to much helpful information for patching with infants however, that is when I discovered PatchPals and I bought one right away. Even though she still isn’t happy with the patch and still tries to pull it off often I am so thankful that it doesn’t leave a mark on her like the bandaids and I’m not going through 10 of them in just one hour of patching (especially when they aren’t so cheap and you go through them fast with and infant). 

After her 2nd surgery follow up now the Dr. believes she may have sixth nerve palsy and so now we will have to patch her eyes for possibly the next couples of years. Thanks to your patches I’m not worried about having to patch for so long and I will definitely be buying more for her. Thank you so much for such an amazing quality product!"

God Bless,

Angela Steele

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Tuesday, April 27 2021
Problem Solved

"We got these eye patches and my son does so much better with these and his glasses.  Also- while patched we have him play with his toys and puzzles, sometimes outside play, while on his tablet, etc..."  - Diann T.

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