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The Eye Patch Project

Tuesday, February 19 2019
Ready to Race

This guy is adorable in the Race Car Eyeglass Eye Patch.  He makes us smile just looking at him.  We love his glasses too!

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Saturday, February 16 2019
Unicorn Valentine

We absolutely LOVE the way Heather coordinated her Valentine mailbox with her Unicorn eye patch.  She is very talented and so cute.  We hope the box was stuffed with adoring messages from all her friends.

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Friday, February 15 2019
Couldn't Be Cuter

This sweetie couldn't be any cuter in her Baby Flower Poggle Eye Patch.  We absolutely love this photo!

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Friday, December 28 2018
Trying Something New

Thank you Patch Pals! My son has been patching for the last 3 years. We have always used an adhesive patch but recently my son expressed that the adhesive was bothering him, he was also sick of the same old patterns. So we decided to give fabric patching a try especially since he is up to 4 hours a day right now. He loves his Rainbow Dash pocket patch, he says it is so soft and comfy. He likes it so much that last night I ordered 3 more pocket patches to give him variety!

- Charity W.

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Tuesday, December 18 2018
Green Eyes

We received our green eye eye patch.  We LOVE it! It's HILARIOUS!  And the color came out BETTER than I expected.  There is gold and brown blended and really matches his eyes.  Thanks so much!

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Wednesday, December 12 2018
Abigail Loves Her New Patch!

Abigail loves her new soft patch that doesn't hurt like the adhesive ones. It definitely makes life a little easier to patch daily. Thanks so much!

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Friday, December 07 2018
Enjoying New Eye Patch

Hello! I wanted to send in a picture of my daughter wearing one of your patches. I received this one pictured through a registry for our state for lazy eye; and I have to say these are by far the best cloth patches that fit on the glasses. We have another patch coming in the mail that I purchased, as the adhesive patches won't work for our daughter - it's a sensory thing. While patching has been a rough transition for us the patches are great, not only do they provide great coverage over the eye (completely covering) they are a great alternative to the adhesive being able to be hand washed and reused - eco friendly and less waste, but also my daughter will tolerate them better than the adhesive eye patches! Thank you!

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Monday, January 22 2018

We love seeing our little Patch Pals excited about receiving their new eye patch. This one is adorable!!  We work really hard at trying to make eye patching fun for little kids.  Eye patching is hard and needs to be presented as something positive and good.  Watching this video of a precious little girl opening her package is priceless.

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Wednesday, January 17 2018
Patching Syrian Refugee Children

In May 2017, we were contacted by a lovely doctor named Natalie Weil from the Emory Eye Center.  She told us back then that she was going with a group of doctors to Jordan to give eye care to Syrian refugee children. Jordan has some of the largest refugee camps in the world and many of the children are without regular eye care. Her goal during this trip was to set up a screening program that could be used in this camp and hopefully other camps throughout the area. She asked if we could help the group by donating eye patches so the children in Syria could benefit by having a sustainable method/tool for amblyopia.  We told her that we would love to help out and we donated a variety of Patch Pals Eye Patches.  She recently updated us with photos of some of the kids from Syria.  We are very proud of Natalie and her group of doctors. We wish them great success with improving the vision of these sweet young children. 

The organization she traveled with is called the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS).  SAMS is on the front lines of crisis relief for Syria.  They work hard to alleviate suffering, save lives, and rebuild healthcare.  For more information about the project, or if you are interested in donating or volunteering, here is a link to their website .

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Sunday, January 14 2018
Hello 2018

It's the year 2018 and it's a perfect time to organize our lives and reboot.  It's a chance to exercise more, eat healthy, and be kinder to those around us. If you have an eye patcher, now is the time to make new goals with their eye patching therapy.  Order a new eye patch that will excite your child and keep them motived.  Sit down with your child and download a new incentive calendar​ decide which rewards will be given when they meet their eye patching goals.  If your child is too young to understand, make a resolution for yourself to make eye patching a priority.  Eye patching works when you are committed to it, just like exercising, eating healthy, and being kind.  December 31st, 2018 will really be a day to celebrate when you can look at your child knowing that you helped improve their eye sight.  Enter our promo code Hello2018 for 18% off your entire order until the end of January. 

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