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Reward Calendar

Getting a young child to wear an eye patch requires patience, parental control, and lots of creativity.  Eye patching should not be negotiable.  You are in charge, and your child needs to understand that you will not be manipulated.  That doesn't mean your child needs to be miserable.  The promise of a favorite activity or treat after a successful eye patching session will encourage your child to wear their eye patch.  So resorting to bribery is often the way to go when starting an eye patching treatment.  We have a free downloadable reward calendar that is great for tracking your child's progress and discussing what the expectations are.  You and your child can set eye patching goals and have fun deciding what "rewards" your child will get for a job well done.  

"Still going strong!  Brysen has earned a sticker everyday this week for successfully wearing his eye patch for the full time.  If he earns 7 stickers every week he will get a prize.  Thank you Patch Pals.  We love the reward calendars."

- mom Brittany

Patch Pals Reward Calendar Goal sheet

Click the picture above to download an eye patch goal sheet.