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Doctor Discount

We offer a discount to doctor's offices and hospitals that order in bulk so they can provide Patch Pals to their patients right there in the office.  It is convenient for the families and encourages them to start wearing their eye patch right away. Our eye patches are recommended and trusted by eye centers and eye doctor offices around the world. We offer a wide variety of baby, child, and adult eye patches.  If you would like more information about our discount please email us at

Over the years many wonderful parents have written books about eye patching. They have created beautiful stories with adorable characters working through the task of adjusting to wearing an eye patch. These wonderful stories are great motivation for young children and their families who are challenged with the disruption of being told they need to wear an eye patch.  Eye patching is difficult and we are thrilled that there are now books that a parent can buy or borrow and sit down and read it to their child. Please email us if you have found a book that is not on our list

We have a free downloadable reward calendar that is great for tracking your child's progress and discussing what the expectations are.  You and your child can set eye patching goals and have fun deciding what "rewards" your child will get for a job well done.  Read more ...

Check out our Patch Pals Club page for photos of eye patchers, game ideas and encouragement.  Read more..