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Patch Pals Eye Patch Styles

Our original cloth Eyeglass Eye Patch comes in 2 different sizes: Child and Adult. This felt eye patch is designed to fit comfortably over the eyeglasses and offers full coverage. The Eyeglass Eye Patch style comes with many different embroidered design options. Plain patches are also available in this style if you prefer to have an iron on image on the patch or decorate your own. 

Our Poggle Eye Patch comes in 3 different sizes: child, adult and baby. This felt eye patch style offers full coverage with an adjustable elastic and velcro strap that can be trimmed for comfort.  
Baby 7.25" length, 2" high, straps are 3.5" elastic and 5.5" velcro 
Child  8" length, 2.25" high, straps are 4.25" elastic and 5.5" velcro
Adult  9" length, 2.5" high, straps are 5" elastic and 5.5" velcro 

The Pocket Eye Patch comes in 3 different sizes: child, adult and baby. This machine washable style fits onto eye eyeglasses and provides comfortbable eye coverage (please use cold water when washing). This eye patch is made with felt and flannel and comes in a variety of plain colors.  Iron on images are available in order to make this patch style your own.

The Cotton Eye Patch is available in 3 different sizes: child, adult and baby. This style attaches underneath the eyeglasses and offers complete eye coverage. The Cotton Eye Patch is washable and made of soft breathable cotton fabric.  It's comfortable to wear and easy to put on your eye glasses.  You can add an iron on image to customize the eye patch with your child's favorite character.