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Saturday, September 08 2018
Kindergarten Eye Patches

Jaxon’s awesome teacher (Terri Makinster) invited Tyler and I to talk to his Kindergarten class about what it’s like for Jax to live with one eye.

We brought pirate eye patches for all of the kids to wear so they could see like Jax sees. Jax got to lead them around the playground and hearing their responses about the experience was hilarious.

What a great lesson in empathy!

I love that they all got to walk in Jaxon’s shoes for a little while so they can understand why he does things a little bit different. They were all so sweet and had great questions for us about his life with one eye.

“Did he cry when he had surgery?”
“Did it hurt?” 
“Does he sleep with it in?” 
“I had surgery once too!” 
“I know someone with 2 glass eyes!”

I think we could all learn from the way these kids embraced this experience of seeing the world through someone else’s point of view... someone who’s a little different than them but still very much the same.

Kids are awesome like that.

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