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We love sharing photos of our eye patchers on social media.  The shared photo gives recognition to the eye patcher and encourages other little ones to wear their eye patch.  Send us your photo and receive a 20% discount code to use on your next Patch Pals order.

Happy Patcher Posts

Monday, March 01 2021

Hello, here is a photo of my daughter's "bedazzled" do it yourself design patch. Love, love, love your product. We've been ordering from you for 2 years.

Thank you, 

Allison Y.

Daughter 5/5/15

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Wednesday, January 27 2021
Better Than The Sticky Ones!

Hello! We just received my son’s first cotton patch. He tried it on and says it’s so much more comfortable than the sticky ones! Yeah! It looks much nicer than other cloth patches I have tried, as well. Thanks so much!!  - Lisa F.

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Wednesday, January 20 2021
Successful Patching

I ran across your Instagram page today as I got to thinking about our son and when I ordered patches from you when he was 2 years old. He was also diagnosed with amblyopia and patching was the suggestion from his eye doctor.  They gave us the sticky adhesive patches and we both cried as they were so painful. I remember searching and searching for hours on the internet at nights trying to find alternatives to those patches when I found you!!! I remember talking to his doctor in Peoria, IL and he loved your patches and gave us the okay to use them.  I was so happy to see that you are still helping children today!  Our son is 13 years old now and can see 20/20 now with his glasses and the patching using your patches was a complete success.  He can see great, he’s a straight A student and my husband and I are so proud! So thank you SO much for the work you do and I know you are helping so many little kids and their families, you should be proud.  I have attached a picture of our little guy so you can see how great and healthy his eyes look.  I wish you continued success with your work, you are awesome!! 

- Mandy G.

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Friday, January 01 2021
Hello 2021

2020 has been a difficult year with many challenges.  If you have an eye patcher at your home, eye patching is just another battle in your daily schedule.  Mask, eye patch, homeschool, social distancing, washing hands, etc.....  being a parent during this time is rough.  You've done your best and survived.  Today is the beginning of a new year, 2021, and things are looking a little brighter. New Year's Day traditionally has been the perfect time to organize our lives and start anew.  It's a chance to exercise more, eat healthy, and be kinder to those around us.  But after 2020, we need to be kind to ourselves, take a breath and focus on what needs to be done to stay safe and healthy.  And if you have an eye patcher, today is a good day to make new goals with their eye patching therapy.  If eye patching has been put on the back burner this past year then reboot your dedication to improving your child's vision.  Order a new eye patch that will excite your child and keep them motived.  Sit down with your child and download a new incentive calendardecide which rewards will be given when they meet their eye patching goals.  If your child is too young to understand, make a resolution for yourself to make eye patching a priority.  Eye patching works when you are committed to it, just like exercising, eating healthy, and being kind.  December 31st, 2021 will be a big day to celebrate when you can look at your child knowing that you helped improve their eye sight.  Enter our promo code Hello2021 for 21% off your entire order until the end of January. 

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Friday, December 11 2020
Be Kind

This is Amy she's new here. She doesn't like having to patch because her right eye is blurry. But she is a trooper.

- Tiffany M.

We are very proud of Amy wearing her new eye patch. Plus we love the awesome t-shirt, BE KIND!

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Monday, December 07 2020
Elmo Eye Patch

We strive to make eye patching easier for our little ones.  This guy matched his glasses with is eye patch and we added his favorite character Elmo to personalize it.  Eye patching can be fun.  Check it out

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Thursday, December 03 2020
Smiling Marshall

Our favorite part of making eye patches is when we receive a photo from a Happy Patcher.  Marshall is wearing our Marvel Hero Cotton Eye Patch.  He looks fantastic and most importantly he looks happy to be wearing his eye patch.  That's so important to successful eye patching therapy.  Finding an eye patch that the kids are willing to wear.  

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Monday, November 16 2020
Pumpkin Patching Pals

Love this photo so much!  Creative parenting is a big piece of successful eye patching therapy.  Coming up with new ways to motivate and celebrate your eye patcher is important.  We would love for you to share your creative eye patching tips with us.  

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Wednesday, November 11 2020
Daniel Tiger

We love the show Daniel Tiger and apparently our little friend does too!  He's doing a wonderful job wearing his eye patch.  We are so very proud of him.  We love the red eyeglasses too!

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Monday, October 26 2020
Melts Daddy's Heart

This sweet girl not only melts her Daddy's heart, but she melts all our hearts.  She is doing such a good job wearing her eye patch.  Keep up the awesome job.  We are proud of you.

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Wednesday, October 14 2020
Spiderman Smiles

This superhero is doing an awesome job wearing his Spiderman Eyeglass Eye Patch from Patch Pals.  Keep up the great work, we are proud of you!

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Friday, October 09 2020
Patch Buddies

We've seen other families do this and it is so adorable.  The little ones get such a kick out of their stuffed buddies wearing an eye patch like they do.  Give it a try if you want a good giggle and some positive vibes.  Keep on patching!!

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Tuesday, September 29 2020
Superhero Patcher

Our little eye patchers are true superheroes during these tough times.  They are amazing.  Keep up the good work guys, we are proud of you all.  #eyepatch #amblyopia

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Thursday, June 04 2020
Puppy Patch and Watermelon

Summer is here!  Remember it's important to continue your child's eye patching therapy during the summer.  Everyone's lives have been undone due the COVID-19 crisis.  Take time to recommit to eye patching and make a plan for success.  Enjoy the outdoors, watermelon and puppy patches!! 

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Thursday, May 28 2020
Sonic and Daisies

This sweet girl loves Sonic and Daisies.  She looks adorable wearing her Cotton Eye Patch.  We love her style!  Have a great day!!

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Friday, May 15 2020
Little Mermaid

This sweet little Patch Pal recently went out on her first "public" outing since February to her eye doctor's appointment.  She rocked the Little Mermaid theme perfectly and was told she is on the right track with her patching (YAY!), however we are sad that this may be the new normal for our little patchers this summer.  Hang in there parents, it will get better.  We salute all that you are doing during this hard time.  

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Wednesday, May 13 2020
Sparkling Frozen Sisters

The adorable smile on this little girl is all you need to brighten your day.  She is tackling her eye patching therapy with a smile and a little help from her Sparkling Frozen Sisters Eyeglass Eye Patch from Patch Pals.  We are confident she will have a good day, we hope you do too!

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Thursday, May 07 2020
Laughing Madelyn

This sweet girl is truly a happy patcher!  Madelyn' s mom quickly snapped this photo of Madelyn laughing while she was wearing her pink Pocket Patch which happens to match her adorable pink eyeglasses perfectly.  We dare you not to smile.  Enjoy your day!

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Wednesday, May 06 2020
This Little Guy

We love this photo of this little guy!  He has protective gear, eye glasses and an eye patch, yet he is smiling and ready to tackle his day.  We love the little spike of hair peeking through his helmet too.  We hope you are all ready to tackle your day!!

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Tuesday, May 05 2020
May Flowers

April showers have brought us May flowers!  This is such a great uplifting photo of a sweet happy patcher.  She is doing an awesome job.  Keep it up!!

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