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We love sharing photos of our eye patchers on social media.  The shared photo gives recognition to the eye patcher and encourages other little ones to wear their eye patch.  Send us your photo and receive a 20% discount code to use on your next Patch Pals order.

Wednesday, January 20 2021
Successful Patching

I ran across your Instagram page today as I got to thinking about our son and when I ordered patches from you when he was 2 years old. He was also diagnosed with amblyopia and patching was the suggestion from his eye doctor.  They gave us the sticky adhesive patches and we both cried as they were so painful. I remember searching and searching for hours on the internet at nights trying to find alternatives to those patches when I found you!!! I remember talking to his doctor in Peoria, IL and he loved your patches and gave us the okay to use them.  I was so happy to see that you are still helping children today!  Our son is 13 years old now and can see 20/20 now with his glasses and the patching using your patches was a complete success.  He can see great, he’s a straight A student and my husband and I are so proud! So thank you SO much for the work you do and I know you are helping so many little kids and their families, you should be proud.  I have attached a picture of our little guy so you can see how great and healthy his eyes look.  I wish you continued success with your work, you are awesome!! 

- Mandy G.

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