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Friday, February 07 2014
Yes, My Glasses Are Real!

Every time Jax and I go out and about, people ask me if his glasses are real. Yes, I'm serious. Do people actually think I am going to say they are fake? It's hard for me not to give them a sarcastic answer like, "No, I just want him to look like a hipster baby." (Those that know me know sarcasm is my first language.)

But, I politely say yes because the question is always followed by them telling me how cute he is. We really do appreciate compliments and questions. I would rather someone tell me directly that they think he's cute versus giggle and whisper about it to whomever they're with. 

I don't care that he makes them smile, in fact, I kind of like it. I am just a terrible actor and feel like everyone knows I saw them whisper to their friend when I awkwardly pretend to look the other way after I see it happening. 

I also don't mind being approached with questions, IF they are short and sweet. But sometimes people want to talk to me for so long that I contemplate bringing a folding chair to the store with me. I'm not trying to complain, I guess this is how celebs feel everyday  I know when Jaxon grows up to be a kid in glasses, he won't be such a spectacle (see what I did there?). I guess I will enjoy it while it lasts! 

Any who, feel free to share Jaxon's announcement with your friends. I made it as a joke but other families who have babies with glasses know what I am talking about. This can make for a very long trip to the grocery store! 

If we can raise awareness that babies actually can be prescribed glasses, maybe less people will ask us silly questions. Click share to help us out. Maybe we can make Jax go viral. Is it okay to ask people to share your stuff? Well, I just did.

As always, thanks for the love!

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