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Friday, February 21 2014
Please, Tell Me I'm Not Alone

I have compiled a list of some of the things my husband does that drives me up the wall. Can anyone out there relate to this, or am I alone in my struggles? I’m open to hearing any suggestions to, as Tyler puts it, “just stop being so OCD and relax.”

Before I present my list, I just want to say one thing... I’m sorry mom. I’m sorry for saying, “Why should I hang my coat up when I am just going to put it back on when I leave again in 2 hours.” I get it now.

And now, here are my sweet husband’s habits that I just can’t stand: 

  1. He pulls his clothes off of the hanger in a way that makes the hangers all stick out at strange angles. It makes our closet look really nice and organized. Not.

  1. He leaves his socks in the living room. He knows I hate feet and dirty socks are just gross looking in general. Especially his old, tall white Hanes socks with the grey toe and heel. It’s the classic dirty sock image. He wears them so his army boots don’t rub on his skin, I get it, but I still despise having to pick them up.

  1. He thinks that if a piece of clothing touches your skin, it’s dirty. Or is he just pretending that’s the case because rehanging it is just too much work. I’m on to him.

  1. He blows his nose in the shower. Do I even have to elaborate on this? It makes me gag.

  1. He has approximately 5 boxes of “memories” in the basement that he won’t sort through to throw crap away. I have looked through these boxes and I’m not sure why anyone would want to remember a cable bill from 7 years ago. It looks more like a hoarding problem to me.

  1. He has periods of loud breathing. This is one of those sounds that I can’t stand. Unfortunately for the both of us, all of the dust he inhaled overseas has jacked up his nose. I try to remember that he can’t help it when I am hearing his squeaky nose. When I call him out he does his best to correct it. I love that. 

  1. He would make a tower of garbage or recycling instead of just taking it out to the bins in the garage. Maybe he thinks there is a garbage fairy that comes in and empties them. I’m sure he would definitely do it if he knew it has been me taking care of it all along.  

  1. He leaves cups scattered throughout the house. I find cups in the shower, in his office, under the couch pillows, and even in my car. Sometimes there is even a nice ring of chunky milk stuck to the bottom. Those are my favorite.

  1. He leaves doors and cupboards cracked open. This is just another one of those things that I can’t stand. I feel like I live with a poltergeist. 

  1. He can’t find anything. I think everything is invisible to him until I touch it. I can tell him exactly where an item is and he can be staring at it but he can’t see it until I pick it up and show him.

  1. If he tries to throw something away and misses the garbage can, he just leaves it on the floor. I don’t think he gets that the saying, “it’s the thought that counts” does not apply to throwing garbage away. It’s like when he misses he just shrugs his shoulders and walks away saying, “I tried my best.”

  1. He drops his clothes in the laundry without emptying his pockets or removing his belt. I can’t tell you how many paper towels I have washed and dried. I’m not really sure why he carries paper towels around in the first place. I am also very tempted to just wash his pants with his belt on them.

  1. He always leaves pots and pans in the sink. When I call him on it, he claims they are “soaking.” I know this is just a way to put off actually washing the pot or pan. If it “soaks” long enough, he knows I will stop waiting for him wash it myself. I know… I’m an enabler.

  1. If anything that is no longer important to him at that exact moment falls on the floor, he doesn’t bother picking it up. My favorite is when he drops an ice cube and leaves it on the floor to melt, and then I walk through the kitchen and step in a puddle with my socks on. Wet socks are also annoying.

  1. He picks at his toenails. How disgusting is it to get up off the couch with someone else’s toenail clipping stuck to your leg? If it has never happened to you, I will tell you, it is really disgusting. You don’t know where that toenail’s been.

That being said, I love Tyler with all of my heart. I read this list to him and we laughed about it together because it is so spot on. Whether you live with your significant other, your parents, or a friend, there are always going to be habits that person has that annoy you.

Our philosophy in the Davin house is to be open about any issue you might be having, but in a respectful way. We also make it a point to be open about receiving constructive criticism. Our ability to be able to say anything to each other without worrying the other person might be offended helps us to make each other a better person.

I could make a super long list of all of the reasons why I love Tyler and all of the sweet things he does for his little family, but I don’t want to make all the ladies jealous.

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