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Tuesday, June 03 2014

Jax had a pretty good appointment today. Not too eventful, and that's how we like it!  His pressure is at 22, which is lower than it was before surgery, so that's good! It's been 6 weeks so we are done with our post-op eye drop regimen and are back to our normal 5 drops a day (for glaucoma and dilating).  To check pressure, they have this little tool that they hold up to his eye for a few seconds, they do this 5 or 6 times. Jax just sat there and let them do it. I was in shock. He did so well!  Jaxon's glasses prescription was lowered today too! That's always a good thing! We are going to buy some sunglasses for this summer so if anyone has any suggestions on brands, let us know!  If you have followed Jaxon's story, you know we dilate his pupil in his left eye everyday. Today we were reminded of a procedure called a pupillopalsty. It's a surgical procedure to permanently dilate the pupil. Although it means no more drops/ side effects of those drops, there are other risks involved. 
Pressure is dropping and his acuity is improving! We have nothing to complain about and are pretty content with where we are now compared to where we started! Jaxon is a tough little man with no fear despite having a visual impairment. The specialists that visit the house are beyond happy with his visual progress and his development!   There's no stopping Captain Jax!

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