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Friday, May 22 2015
Keep On Truckin'

Everyday we go outside and Jax pushes his truck down the driveway. He then takes a left or a right onto the sidewalk and back and forth he goes, occasionally stopping to check out a rock or something in the grass that catches his eye.

Everyday I stand in the driveway and watch Jax push his truck back and forth, occasionally yelling at him to turn around when he's gone too far.

Everyday I am so grateful to watch Jax do things that little boys do because when he was born blind, I never thought he'd be able to find his truck in the garage, push it down the driveway, know where to turn to get onto the sidewalk, and examine the leaves and rocks he sees in the grass, all on his own.

A truck full of construction workers drove by yesterday and stopped as they turned the corner by our house. They watched Jax push his truck and one of them said, "We just love seeing your little boy, keep on truckin' buddy."

Little does he know, Jax has taught us all that we've just gotta keep on truckin'. Sometimes the terrain is rough, so rough that you aren't sure if you can make it through, but when you do, the small things that you once took advantage of become miracles and you can truly see the beauty in the things you once would not have thought twice about.

When something is unexpectedly ripped away from you, the feelings of devastation and hopelessness are overwhelming. When you miraculously get back what you lost, that is when you truly appreciate and understand what it means to be grateful.

Be grateful, my friends.

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