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Friday, June 03 2016
Grace of God

On Tuesday this little man had an appointment in Iowa city as a follow-up to our last eye appointment, you know, that shit-tastic appointment where we saw via ultrasound that Jax's retina was detaching.

As the ultrasound tech did her thing, I sat in the chair with my angel of a child on my lap (yes, I actually mean it, he didn't even budge as she did this when he normally has to be put under anesthesia for this procedure) waiting for her to reaffirm the prognosis that retinal detachment was imminent.

I waited and waited and she searched and searched. Finally she piped up and said, "well they normally don't reattach themselves." By the grace of God, she couldn't find the detachment. Dr. came in later only to confirm that it was no where to be seen.

After this amazing news we also found out that his pressure was still normal and we got to take one drop off of our daily routine (which is awesome).

I couldn't stop the water works when I got in the car to head home. I was smiling like an idiot as I drove down the interstate, I still can't believe it. We are so incredibly blessed to have so many people rooting for our little man.

I just wanted to say thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers, I truly believe they worked. I'm also pretty sure my old man put in a good word with the big man!

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