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Sunday, October 30 2016

One week ago tomorrow, our tough Jax-man had emergency surgery to remove his right eye. His cornea was so thin that a bubble started filling with fluid on the surface of his eye like a water balloon. It was an emotional decision, but we felt removal was the best option for him.

Last Thursday, the night before surgery, we had a last minute "eye going away" party to celebrate the end of our journey with his right eye and to welcome his new eye. We wanted it to be a happy experience for him so we can start building his confidence right away. Jax's friends, family, neighbors and even his teacher came over to help us say goodbye to his eye that just wasn't working right. (He proudly announced to his class that morning, "I'm getting a new eye!") It was overwhelming seeing all of the support for our boy I get choked up even thinking about it.

It was sad and strange losing a part of our little man that we worked so hard to save these past 3 years, but we were ready to say goodbye and start this new journey. I am so thankful for everything our journey has taught us about ourselves and about the strength of our little man thus far. He will probably never understand the impact he has had on my growth as a mom and a human being. Words can't even begin to describe what raising this resilient little person has forced me to learn and understand about the world around me. I'm happier and more whole because of him.

As most of you know, mommy is a die hard Cubs fan and is very thankful that they started winning against the Dodgers the day Jax lost his eye [if I believed in a goat, I might say his eye was it ].

As strange as it sounds, it made the process less stressful because mommy has been waiting for her cubbies to get to the World Series for, well, her WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE.

Jax had throat swelling from the breathing tube and a lot of pain in his eye, so after 6 days I am happy to say that he is back to his normal, happy self! We even worked on a awesome song in the bath tonight. He's got a nice shiner, but doc said today he is healing up nicely!

We are hoping we will get to show off his brand new eye in 7-8 weeks!

I whole-heartedly appreciate all of the support over the past week. We are forever grateful for every single person who stands behind our superhero, Captain Jax!

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