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Friday, November 04 2016
BE in the moment
"I get a new eye. There was a bubble on it! That's okay!" 

3-year-old Jax-man just said this in his room. His innocence is adorable. 

My new motto is this: Whatever is, could not have been otherwise. It has helped me accept Jax just the way he is and believe that the way he was born and all that he has been through could not have been any other way. 

When he was born blind, I cried about what "should" have been and I worried about his future. Now I believe he is perfect just the way he is and all of this serves the purpose of teaching, not only him and I, but everyone who meets Jax.

There is no event, person, place, thing or circumstance on this Earth that stands alone, unaffected by anything else. Everything that is here was meant to be, and once we accept what is and that it was created by a higher order that is beyond our control, we can move forward, learn, and grow as humans instead of dwelling on the past and worrying about the future. We can truly enjoy and Be in the moment that we find ourselves in right now.

I was given this tiny human for a reason, and he teaches me things everyday. I once thought that as his mom, it was my job to teach him how to live. Now I follow in his tiny footsteps and understand that he was put in my life to show me what it means to truly be alive. We can learn so much from our children if we let ourselves. 

I literally played in a pile of leaves for 3 hours straight today, and it was truly incredible. I felt like a kid again.
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