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Monday, March 10 2014
20 Ways my mom prepared me for the real world

20 Ways my mom prepared me for the real world

The “mean” things my mom did that I’m thankful for now.

  1. She didn’t always provide entertainment for me, she made me figure out ways to entertain myself (“Go outside and find something to do”)

  1. She didn’t do everything for me when I was young, even when it would have been easier/quicker for her to do it herself (like make a sandwich or pack a lunch)

  1. She never rewarded me for what was expected of me (like doing what she said).

  1. She knew I wasn’t a perfect angel and she made me take responsibilities for my actions.

  1. She made me do things I didn’t want to do and complaining was not allowed.

  1. If I committed to something then changed my mind, she made me finish what I started.

  1. She didn’t sugarcoat things because the real world isn’t sugarcoated.

  1. She allowed me to experience disappointment so I could learn how to handle it.

  1. She never let me off of a punishment for good behavior.

  1.  I respected my possessions because she made me earn them.

  1. Disrespectful remarks and talking back was not tolerated. Period.

  1.  I had to make my bed every morning or there would be consequences.

  1. She set high standards and helped me appreciate doing things right and doing my best so I didn’t have to do them again.

  1. She made me get a job when I was young and helped me open a bank account so I knew what it felt like to earn/ manage my own money.

  1. She didn’t fight my battles, she gave me advice but let me solve my own problems.

  1. If I lost her trust, I lost my freedoms.

  1. If she was outside doing yard work or shoveling snow, I was outside helping, because I lived there too.

  1.  She made me eat what she made for dinner, I didn’t get a special meal just because I was a kid.

  1. Her favorite response when I didn’t get my way was, “Well, life’s not fair” and made me understand that I just had to move on.

And the last and most important “mean” thing my mom did was:

  1. She frequently told me, “No” and didn’t care if I got mad at her for it because she knew I respected and loved her and she knew I’d get over it and thank her for it one day… and she was right.

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