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We love sharing photos of our eye patchers on social media.  The shared photo gives recognition to the eye patcher and encourages other little ones to wear their eye patch.  Send us your photo and receive a 20% discount code to use on your next Patch Pals order.

Happy Patcher Posts

Friday, January 21 2022
Frog Lover

Every little boy loves a frog.  This guy selected our Frog Eyeglass Eye Patch and he looks fantastic!!

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Thursday, January 20 2022
Strawberry Smiles

Motivating an eye patcher to wear their eye patch is key in patching success.  This sweet girl selected Strawberry Shortcake on a sparkle pink Pocket Patch.   We provide comfortable and fun eye patches to keep kids motivated.

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Wednesday, January 19 2022
Dino Love

Many kids go through a phase when they love dinosaurs.  It is amazing how they can remember the long dinosaur names and recite them when asked to identify a dinosaur.  This little guy is no exception.  He looks great wearing his Dinosaur Eyeglass Eye Patch.  

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Tuesday, January 18 2022
Batman Baby

It's very difficult to patch a young baby.  The best advice is to have a variety of eye patches available.  The Poggle Patch is a good alternative to the sticky patch since it does not hurt their fragile skin.

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Monday, January 17 2022
Patch Buddies

Patching with a buddy can be motivating and helps the eye patcher not feel so lonely.  Usually a young eye patcher is the only one patching in their classroom or neighborhood.  They feel like they are the only one in their world that has to patch.  Patch Pals has many photos of eye patchers on our website and brochures.  Seeing other kids like them patching helps build confidence and really puts a positive spin on the whole patching process for them.

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Sunday, January 16 2022
Club Member

Every Patch Pals order comes with a Patch Power bracelet to help motivate our young eye patchers.  Each patcher becomes an exclusive member of the Patch Pals Club.  The little ones love seeing other kids wear their eye patch and it really helps them accept the idea of wearing the eye patch.

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Saturday, January 15 2022
Patch and Relax

Sometimes the most enjoyable activity to do while patching is relaxing.  Watching a favorite TV show or movie is a relaxing way to spend patching time.  As long as the weak eye is focusing then the patching is working.  What an easy way to give the eye a workout!

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Friday, January 14 2022
Missing Tooth Patch Smile

Losing your first tooth is such a milestone.  Going through patching therapy is also another milestone.  This photo is wonderful because it captures both.  We are happy she chose a Heart Eyeglass Eye Patch from Patch Pals to make her journey more comfortable and fun.

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Thursday, January 13 2022
Sparkling Paw Patrol

Everyone loves the color pink and the show Paw Patrol.  This little one combined the two and added a little sparkle.  She is wearing our Sparkle Pink Pocket Patch.  We are sure she is receiving lots of positive compliments on her eye patch. Way to go!

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Wednesday, January 12 2022
Colorful Squares

The smile on this guy's face lets us know he is ready to patch.  Providing a fun and comfortable eye patch is our goal.  He is wearing our Cotton Squares Patch.  Keep up the good work buddy.

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