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We love sharing photos of our eye patchers on social media.  The shared photo gives recognition to the eye patcher and encourages other little ones to wear their eye patch.  Send us your photo and receive a 20% discount code to use on your next Patch Pals order.

Friday, December 24 2021
Christmas Hugs

The tradition of matching Christmas pajamas is always a winner.  The love this guy is showing his little patching sister is adorable.  She is so cute wearing her Daisy Cotton eye patch that we want to hug her too!

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Wednesday, December 22 2021
Patching a Friend

How cute is this photo?  This little guy patched his buddy to make his eye patching time more fun.  Receiving support during patch time is always welcomed.  Please remember to support an eye patcher when you see them.

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Tuesday, December 21 2021
Butterfly Buddy

This little one selected a Butterfly Poggle from Patch Pals to wear for her eye patching therapy.  She also patched her buddy to help her out with a little support.  She looks fantastic!  

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Sunday, December 19 2021
Sonic Smiles

Wearing an eye patch that fits your personality and interests really makes the therapy easier on the child.  Their friends give them compliments on their patch and the teasing is eliminated.  This guy has things under control with his Sonic Pocket Patch.  Looking Good!!

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Saturday, December 18 2021
Working Hard

Finding activities to do while patching is essential.  It makes the patching time goes quicker and complaining minimal.  Computers and tablets really can be lifesavers.  Whether the patcher can play a game or watch a movie, they can definitely give their eye a work out while wearing their patch.

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Friday, December 17 2021
Pink Smiles

Here is your daily dose of cuteness.  This sweetheart is so pretty in pink!  A hot pink Cotton Patch for babies from Patch Pals.  She is adorable and makes us all smile.  

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Thursday, December 16 2021
This Is A Breeze

Older kids who have to patch are usually more compliant.  You can explain to them why it's important to patch and how it will help their vision.  This gal has everything under control and thinks patching is a breeze with her Light Pink Pocket Patch.

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Wednesday, December 15 2021
Christmas Spidey

Spiderman is looking very festive with this filter.  Loves chocolate, Spiderman, and Christmas.  Super job wearing your eye patch!!

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Tuesday, December 14 2021
Patching Siblings

Sometimes having a brother or sister wear an eye patch in support of an eye patcher can help with motivation.  Wearing an eye patch can feel isolating.  There are not a lot of eye patchers out in the local community, so it feels like you are the only one.  Searching out photos on our social media pages or looking at our brochure can be comforting to see there are lots of kids who have to patch.

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Monday, December 13 2021
Patching Buddies

This cleaver girl created her own Patch Pals Club with all her favorite friends.  Looks like a fun party.  Patching is easier when patching with a friend.

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Sunday, December 12 2021
Meow Sweet Kitty

Hello Kitty has been a favorite of girls all over the world.  This little one added the iron on image to her Light Pink Pocket Patch and it goes great with her glasses and her clothes.  Her smile is contagious.  

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Friday, December 10 2021
I Got This!

This sweetie is looking pretty confident and happy wearing a Baby Poggle Patch.  Offering a variety of styles and options for eye patchers is key to successful patching therapy.  Everyday is a challenge when patching a baby.  What works on one day may not the next.  Keep trying and don't give up.

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Thursday, December 09 2021
Ironman Love

Boys love their superheroes.  Being able to customize an eye patch to reflect a passion is so motivating.  He selected Ironman on a grey Pocket Patch, which looks great with his eyeglasses.  Keep up the great work buddy.

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Wednesday, December 08 2021
Hawaiian Reindeer

This adorable reindeer selected a Moana and Maui iron on image to be added to her Poggle Patch.  She looks so festive and ready to open her Christmas presents.  We hope Santa is good to her this year.

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Tuesday, December 07 2021
Paw Patrol Love

All the kids seem to love Paw Patrol.  This fan added the characters to her Sparkle Purple Eyeglass Eye Patch.  The smile reveals that she is going to have a good patching day!!

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Sunday, December 05 2021
Mermaid Block Building

This little girl selected a Purple Poggle Patch with a Little Mermaid iron on image.  She's working on her block building skills while patching.  She is definitely concentrating on her project.  Using that eye and making it work hard.

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Saturday, December 04 2021
Ice Cream for Three

Planning fun activities to do while patching can really help the whole process.  This "Princess" is sharing her ice cream treat with two of her favorite supporters.  Looks  yummy and fun!!

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Friday, December 03 2021
Mickey Love

We all love Mickey Mouse, and this guy wears his grey Cotton Patch with Mickey Mouse on it with pride.  We have so many options for little patchers to pick their favorite character to help them through patching.  Check it out.

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Thursday, December 02 2021
Patching Elf

Doing fun activities while wearing an eye patch definitely helps make the time go faster.  This Patching Elf has a plan to bake up some goodies.  Looks like fun!!

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Wednesday, December 01 2021
Sparkling Rapunzel

Some girls just have to have a little sparkle in their life.  This Sparkle Purple Pocket fits the bill for this sweet girl.  Add a Rapunzel iron on image and she is motivated to wear her eye patch.  Super job!

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