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We love sharing photos of our eye patchers on social media.  The shared photo gives recognition to the eye patcher and encourages other little ones to wear their eye patch.  Send us your photo and receive a 20% discount code to use on your next Patch Pals order.

Friday, December 28 2018
Trying Something New

Thank you Patch Pals! My son has been patching for the last 3 years. We have always used an adhesive patch but recently my son expressed that the adhesive was bothering him, he was also sick of the same old patterns. So we decided to give fabric patching a try especially since he is up to 4 hours a day right now. He loves his Rainbow Dash pocket patch, he says it is so soft and comfy. He likes it so much that last night I ordered 3 more pocket patches to give him variety!

- Charity W.

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Tuesday, December 18 2018
Green Eyes

We received our green eye eye patch.  We LOVE it! It's HILARIOUS!  And the color came out BETTER than I expected.  There is gold and brown blended and really matches his eyes.  Thanks so much!

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Wednesday, December 12 2018
Abigail Loves Her New Patch!

Abigail loves her new soft patch that doesn't hurt like the adhesive ones. It definitely makes life a little easier to patch daily. Thanks so much!

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Friday, December 07 2018
Enjoying New Eye Patch

Hello! I wanted to send in a picture of my daughter wearing one of your patches. I received this one pictured through a registry for our state for lazy eye; and I have to say these are by far the best cloth patches that fit on the glasses. We have another patch coming in the mail that I purchased, as the adhesive patches won't work for our daughter - it's a sensory thing. While patching has been a rough transition for us the patches are great, not only do they provide great coverage over the eye (completely covering) they are a great alternative to the adhesive being able to be hand washed and reused - eco friendly and less waste, but also my daughter will tolerate them better than the adhesive eye patches! Thank you!

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