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We love sharing photos of our eye patchers on social media.  The shared photo gives recognition to the eye patcher and encourages other little ones to wear their eye patch.  Send us your photo and receive a 20% discount code to use on your next Patch Pals order.

Monday, November 29 2021
Sports Fan

Is your eye patcher a sports fanatic?  This Sports Poggle covers a lot of sports, football, basketball, soccer, hockey, and baseball.  He's ready for every season.  Looking good!

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Sunday, November 28 2021

Which Ninja Turtle is your favorite?  This guy chose the blue turtle for his eye patch.  Picking out fun characters make the whole eye patching experience easier and exciting.  

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Friday, November 26 2021
Flash That Smile

This superhero is flashing us his best smile.  He chose a Red Pocket Patch from Patch Pals with a Flash iron on image.  Wearing an eye patch isn't holding back this guy.  He's ready to take on the world!

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Wednesday, November 24 2021
Rainbow Unicorn

Our Unicorn eye patch is by far our most popular eye patch.  The kiddos really love it.  This sweet girl is also sharing with us a photo of her "Patch Power" awareness bracelet that we include in every package.  The bracelet signifies their membership to the Patch Pals Club.  

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Tuesday, November 23 2021
No Problem

"This eye patching business is a piece of cake, I got this!!"  This tough guy chose a Bumblebee Transformer iron on image to be added to his Eyeglass Eye Patch.  He's ready to tackle his therapy.

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Monday, November 22 2021
Ballet Smiles

Fresh out of the bathtub and ready to patch!  Developing a routine for your eye patcher is essential.  This little one selected a Ballet Eyeglass Eye Patch  from Patch Pals to wear for her eye patching therapy on this day.  She looks ready to go.

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Saturday, November 20 2021
Minion Magic

We dare you not to smile when looking at this little guy.  He picked the perfect eye patch.  It matches his glasses and his personality.  Sky Blue Pocket Patch with an Minion iron on image.  Have a great day!!

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Friday, November 19 2021
Peppa Pig

It's always fun when the kids can match their eye patch with an outfit or a favorite character.  People around them make positive comments on the matching and generally give the eye patcher good vibes.  Remember to always give an eye patcher good vibes.

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Thursday, November 18 2021

What's so hard about patching?  This little one has it all under control.  She loves her Unicorn Pocket Patch and how easy it is to wear.  Wearing comfortable Patch Pals makes eye patching fun and easy.

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Wednesday, November 17 2021
Space Patcher

This guy is ready to go into space wearing his eye patch!  Making eye patching fun and comfortable is key to successful eye patching therapy.  He looks like he's having a great time being the first eye patching astronaut.

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Tuesday, November 16 2021
Sending Letters

This cutie is wearing her Sparkle Pink Pocket Patch.  Wish we knew what was in the letter and who the lucky recipient is.  She is absolutely adorable.

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Monday, November 15 2021
Smiling Eyebrows

We can tell this little guy really likes his eye patch because he is smiling so big that even his eyebrows are smiling.  We love seeing our Happy Patchers!

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Friday, November 12 2021
Shark Attack

Shark attack warning!  This guy is adorable in his sky blue Pocket Patch with his shark iron on image.  We love the clear eyeglass frames too!

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Thursday, November 11 2021
Happy Check Up

Everyone loves to hear that their check up went well.  She is doing such a great job wearing her eye patch and deserves a good pat on the back.  Way to go!!

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Wednesday, November 10 2021
Masked Jasmine

We have been so extra proud of all of our eye patchers.  Wearing an eye patch is difficult, adding a mask can really be tough.  They have all been such troopers and hopefully things will calm down and we can get back to "normal".  In the mean time, keep up the good work kiddos!!

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Tuesday, November 09 2021
Tiny Harry Potter

The skin on a tiny baby is so delicate so using a Baby Poggle Patch helps keep the skin safe from sticky patches.  This little one does patch time like a champ.

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Monday, November 08 2021
That New Patch Feeling

Nothing feels better than getting a new patch.  It can be so motivating to our young patchers.  They love all the compliments they receive and it re-engergizes them.  If you see an eye patcher make sure you give them a thumbs up or a quick "good job wearing your patch"!

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Tuesday, November 02 2021
Princess Patcher

This sweetie selected a Pink Cotton Patch with a Princess Iron on.  She is holding our brochure showing us all the eye patch styles that are available at Patch Pals!  Check them out at

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